Colonel Cajo vom Schlossrudwalde overleden

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Dit verdrietige bericht komt van de Facebookpagina van Cajo.

With a heavy heart I share the passing of my beloved friend and companion Cajo ❤️🙏🏼😭. In 3 months he would have been 11 years old.

A week before his passing nothing was wrong, so it seemed. I feel like we did all we could to help him. From multiple ultrasounds, to blood tests, X-rays, keyhole surgery, multiple tests, etc. Things seemed to be going better, unfortunately I think he had become too weak to recover. We were together as a family in the living room when it happened. We had just picked him up from the vet where he was observed all day.

Cajo chose to leave during the 45 minutes he was back home with us. Among his family, that’s how it feels like. It was terrible to see, he fought against death. But I don’t know him any differently, he was not a quitter. Not even until his last breath. Cajo passed away due to liver failure, supposedly caused by bacteria.

I have never loved an animal as much as I loved him. Deeply touched by his passing, even though I knew it would happen one day. I appreciate him more for his friendship than all his achievements. A dog with a golden character, one of a kind ❤️.

We endured a lot together on and outside the training field, achieved a lot in the police dog world (KNPV).

Cajo was loved by our family, friends and others who got to know him. He has been an inspiration to those who love this breed and try to take it further and improve it.

Cajo and I have achieved the impossible within the KNPV, something I am very proud of for him and especially the representation of the Dobermann in the hardest venue I know, the top of the KNPV.

Unfortunately the story has ended for him, but his legacy will continue with his offspring and grandchildren. It warms my heart to see his face in all of his offspring.

Thanks to his breeder Simon Heim for trusting me with him. Thank you to all people who helped us in our journey. Thank you to all breeders and owners who have used him and have his offspring. Thank you for those who loved him and followed his journey. I will keep posting updates on this page from his offspring, potential litters from his offspring or artificial insemination from Cajo himself (I still have semen for my personal use) and I’ll also post some pictures and videos so once in a while for those interested. I will also be more active on the page of his son, Hüx.

Cajo a name not to be forgotten, a modern day legend for the Dobermann breed ❤️🙏🏼🧬

“Some dogs are good, others are Legend … CCvS ❤️


Colonel Cajo vom Schlossrudwalde (BRN 25655/NHSB 3049909) :


-KNPV Politiehond 1 LOF 🇳🇱

>2nd place PH1 (civil) competition 🥈🇳🇱

Other competitions:

>7th place National PH1 competition 🇳🇱

>8th/14 place Final NRM PH1 competition 🇳🇱

>6th place 3rd NRM PH1 competition 🇳🇱

>9th/13 place 1st NRM PH1 competition (first competition)🇳🇱

-KNPV Objectbewakingshond🇳🇱

-BH/VZH 🇩🇪

-ZTP (Wiesbaden) 🇩🇪

-ADpr/UV 🇩🇪

-NBvdD Beveiligingserveillancehond (Security patrol dog) 🇳🇱

-KNPV Politiehond 2 LOF🇳🇱

>Champion PH2 of South Holland 🏆🥇🇳🇱 *First Dobermann EVER

>Participant National Championships PH2 🏅🇳🇱 *First Dobermann EVER

-KNPV Toetsing Objectbewakingshond (Security patrol dog) 🇳🇱 *First Dobermann EVER